Team WESCOM secures the country's Energy Resources


Western Command is the guardian of the paradise province of Palawan, the largest in the Philippines; and more famously known as the nation’s last frontier, and home to the patriots and defenders of the West Philippine Sea. The peculiarities of the security situation in its Joint Area of Operations make it the most strategic Unified Command in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

With the favorable internal security condition in the province, the people of Palawan have been enjoying better times. Levelheaded governance, progressive economic development, booming tourism, and improving internal peace and security conditions all worked to shape the best climate for secure trade and sustainable development in the province. Palawan remained not only as the greenest and safest haven in the country, but also as the tourists’ Shangri-La of choice, as it won the title of “World’s Best Island Destination” for many years. In addition, the entire province has been declared by all peace and development stakeholders as a “Zone of Sustained Peace, Development and Prosperity,” affirmed as ready for further development, and transitioning to a Local Government Unit-led Internal Security Operations responsibility. 

Western Command also confronts the different challenges emanating from the land, air and the sea,  instigated by the Kidnap for Ransom Groups, Abu Sayyaf Group, CPP-NPA, claimant countries in the West Philippine Sea, other lawless groups and the calamities brought about by weather disturbances in land and at sea.

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