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Published: Friday, 30 March 2018

Camp General Artemio Ricarte, Puerto Princesa City -- Five members of the New People's Army in Palawan surrendered to the operatives of Western Command (WESCOM) on the day of their anniversary as focused and civil military operations continue in the Province.

The five communist terrorist members surrendered on March 29, 2018 to WESCOM's Joint Task Group North.

"We are glad that these 5 NPA members have decided to surrender and return to the fold of the law. Their surrender is another serious blow to the ranks of communist terrorism in the Province of Palawan, " said Lieutenant General Rozzano Briguez, Commander of Western Command.

The surrenderees are now under custody of the military for validation and documentation. Later on, their application for the Local Social Integration Program (LSIP) of the Provincial Government of Palawan and DILG's Comprehensive Local Social Integration Program (CLIP) where they will receive financial assistance and livelihood opportunities will be processed.

"Their surrender is a clear indicator of their unwillingness to continue with the armed struggle. According to them, their rank is tainted with corruption of their leaders, fatigue and disappointment due to unfulfilled promises," Lieutenant General Briguez said.

"We continue to urge the remaining members of communist terrorist NPA to choose the path of peace. We call on them to put their arms down, surrender and rejoin the society," the Commander of WESCOM said.

Upon surrender, the Local Social Integration Program (LSIP) of the Provincial Government of Palawan and the Comprehensive Local Social Integration Program (CLIP) of the Department of Interior and Local Government are waiting for NPA members to start their lives anew with their families and loved ones.


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