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AFP Statement Re NPA Anniversary

Published: Monday, 26 March 2018

The AFP is intensifying efforts to thwart possible attacks and atrocities by the NPA in line with their upcoming anniversary on March 29, 2018. The occasion is usually marked by their attacks against our people and vulnerable communities.

In the past, they have staged hostilities such as raids, ambuscades, and sabotage against government troops, on public establishments and vital installations that severely affected innocent civilians. These attacks against our people are terroristic in nature and clear reflection of their true color as a criminal and terrorist organization.

In various places they have staged rallies and protest actions that caused massive traffic that affected motorists and commuters. They have repeatedly done such actions that disturbed the peace of the place and pestered law abiding citizens.

Our forces will continue to be on a proactive stance against all threats of violence and will exert every effort to preserve the peace in every locality.

Your soldiers and policemen cannot do it by themselves. We call on our people to help in the preservation of peace in their community by reporting any suspicious individuals or activities in their surroundings.

We call on our citizens to refrain from joining public gatherings that are linked with the celebration of the NPA’s anniversary or any activity that is associated with any terror group.

The fight against terrorism and the preservation of peace is a shared responsibility of everyone.


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