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Local Chiefs Manifest Support as “One Palawan”

Published: Friday, 24 November 2017

Camp General Artemio Ricarte, Puerto Princesa City – Western Command conducts Local Chief Executive (LCE) Forum at Headquarters WESCOM today, November 24, 2017 with Palawan Acting Governor HON. Victorino Dennis Socrates as Guest of Honor. Mayors and representatives of Local government units, WESCOM OPCOM/OPCON Unit Officers and Staff, Department of Internal Labor Government, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Reservists attended the forum.

The LCE Forum Update aims to apprise local chief executives of Palawan on the current security situation in the province. It will be an opportunity to unite “One Palawan” by expressing support to peace and development efforts by condemning violence and atrocities through the signing of manifesto of support.

Securing Palawan is a shared responsibility especially with local chief executives who are directly serving their constituents.

Below are some of the salient points stated in the manifesto:
• Local Government Units in Palawan condemn the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) – New People’s Army (NPA) – National Democratic Front (NDF) (CPP-NPA-NDF) in their deceptive recruitment activities to the Indigenous People (IP) and minors, and perpetrated various atrocities that hampers the safety, security and sustainable development of Palawan;
• The peace-loving people of Palawan encourage the members of the New People’s Army (NPA) to return to the folds of the law and become productive members of the society; and
• The reported recruitments by MNLF is not only inimical to the peace and security of the province but also a clear violation of the Final Peace Agreement (FPA) between the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and MNLF.

It is expected that after signing the manifesto, the Province of Palawan and its subordinate local government units will take the lead in the promotion and maintenance of security, peace and sustainable development through collective multi-stakeholders approach.####

LTGEN BRIGUEZ Takes Helm of Western Command

Published: Monday, 20 November 2017

Camp General Artemio Ricarte, Puerto Princesa City – LTGEN ROZZANO D BRIGUEZ assumes as the 30th Commander of Western Command during the Change of Command Ceremony held at Headquarters WESCOM today, November 20,2017 with GEN REY LEONARDO B GUERRERO AFP, Chief of Staff, AFP as the Presiding Officer.

LTGEN GALILEO GERARD KINTANAR JR AFP passed on leadership as Commander of Western Command to LTGEN ROZZANO D BRIGUEZ AFP. LTGEN KINTANAR expressed his appreciation for the trust that Team WESCOM have bestowed on his leadership and guiding him over the responsibilities that emanated along his way as Commander of WESCOM. He extended his heartfelt gratitude to the unit Commanders, partner government and non-government agencies, and heads of offices for their camaraderie and support.

LTGEN BRIGUEZ is a member of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) “Sinagtala” Class of 1986 where he graduated with distinction and ranked 2nd out of 174 cadets. He also underwent Military Pilot Training at the PAF Flying School, Fernando Air Base, Lipa City where he graduated top of his class in 1988.

He made many notable contributions to the service over the course of his career. He held progressively relevant roles at the Philippine Air Force for almost 30 years. He then served as the 61st Vice Commander,PAF. He was the Chief of Air Staff, PAF, Commandant of Cadets, PMA, Deputy Wing Commander, 250th Presidential Airlift Wing, Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Operations, A-3, Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Education and Training, A-8, Executive Officer, OA-5, Acting Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Plans and Programs, A-5 and Commander, TOG 11.

“Today, we’re moving forward from a position of strength. I will assure that we will continue the legacy that is stronger, but also in a service that is more just. We will never waver in defense of our territory, our West Philippine Sea, our Palaweños.”, said LTGEN BRIGUEZ.

Search for NPA High-Powered Guns Leads to Confiscation of 4 M16 Rifles

Published: Monday, 20 November 2017

The Joint Task Group South’s (JTGS) continuing effort to devastate the armed capability of the New People’s Army (NPA) in southern Palawan yielded the confiscation of more high-powered guns on November 19 in the precipitous terrains of Brooke’s Point.

Confiscated on the said day at Sitio Tagpinasao, Barangay Salogon, Brooke’s Point, were four units of M16 rifles and a blowback operated machine pistol commonly known as ingram.

The JTGS team that found the NPA arms cache in Salogon was composed of troops from the 24th Marine Company of the Marine Battalion Landing Team-4 led by company commander 1Lt. Ed Antonio, and personnel of the Brooke’s Point Municipal Police Station.

On the first week of November, the military vowed to tear down the armed capability of the NPA to prevent it from striking fear and terror among the people in many communities in southern Palawan.

Before leaving as commander of the Western Command (WESCOM), Lt. General Galileo Gerard Kintanar stated in his speech on Monday that to date, 30 high-powered firearms, most of them M16s, had been recovered from the NPA in the southern area.

Team WESCOM Scores Anew vs NPA in Palawan

Published: Thursday, 02 November 2017

Camp General Artemio Ricarte, Puerto Princesa City -- Western Command elements from the 18th Special Forces Company under the Joint Task Group South, conducted focused military operations and fireamrs and various war materials from the communists terrorists in Sitio Arib, Barangay Culasian, Rizal, Palawan on October 30, 2017.

Led by Cpt Anthony Macatual, and with the help of community residents, the military recovered items, documents and war materials as follows: 2 pcs M16A1 Rifles, 3 pcs 12 Gauge shot guns, 2 pcs empty magazines, 1 pc empty mag cal 45 pistol, 1 pc housing box cal 45 pistol, 4 pcs ammo 5.56mm, 2 pcs books (Batayang Kurso ng Partido, Hingil sa Imperyalismo), 1 pc patch Bagong Hukbong Bayan, 1 pc Improvised Automating Blasting Machine, 1 pc non Electric Blasting cap, assorted medicines and medical kit, 1 pc logbook, subversive documents and receipt, assorted tool kit, assorted Clothes and other personal belongings.

To date, the Western Command has recovered a total of 26 firearms, a fully assembled IED and numerous ammunitions since the start of the second quarter of 2017. The recovery is a serious blow to the capability of the communist terrorist to sow fear and stage atrocities in the province.

Following the successful recovery of firearms and war materials in Bataraza a week ago, the conduct of operations in Rizal was made possible with the help also of the local residents in the community.

"This only shows that the people are sick and tired of the crimes, atrocities and illegal activities of the communists terrorists in their area. And so we also urge other communities to cooperate with us and report any information that would lead to the neutralization of personalities and capabilities of the enemies of peace," said Western Command Commander, Ltgen Galileo Gerard Kintanar Jr.

The focused military operations of the operating troops of Western Command are balanced with civil military operations in their areas of operations.

"Western Command shall continue to conduct focused military operations as well as civil military operations in Palawan in order to cripple and dismantle the communist terrorists in the Province to ensure that nothing and no one will stand in the way of progress and further development," Ltgen Kintanar Jr. added.

President Rodrigo Duterte has called on the NPAs to cease fighting the government, go back to folds of the law, and rejoin the mainstream of society. The present administration has a pro-active program for their peaceful return that will enable them to responsibly rejoin their families, live normal lives, and integrate with their Filipino brothers and sisters.

In Palawan alone, there are about 79 rebels who have surrendered and returned to the mainstream society since January 2017. We are expecting more of them who will surrender and live lives anew. ā

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