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WESCOM's Joint Task Group South Recovers 1 Shotgun and other NPA Paraphernalia in Brooke's Point

Published: Sunday, 21 January 2018

As the Joint Task Group South (JTGS), composed of MBLT4 and 18SFC, clears remaining Communist Terrorists Mass Base areas in Southern Palawan, its operating elements recovered 1 Shotgun, 1 M16 magazine with live ammo, back packs and Bienvenido Vallever Command uniforms in Sitio Gara, Brgy Amas, Brooke's Point last 18 January 2018.

The seizure of said items was based on information from concerned residents of said area. This was a result of an enhanced information sharing protocol established by LGU of Brooke's Point as a result of series of MPOC meetings, security forums, and most importantly the commitment vowed by local leaders and constituents.

WESCOM shall continue with its focused military operations in Palawan in order to dismantle all NPA. Likewise WESCOM urges NPA members to surface, return to fold of the law and be reintegrated in the mainstream society.

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