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WESCOM Chief Talks to Troops in Southern Palawan

Published: Monday, 02 September 2013

Camp Gen. Artemio Ricarte, Puerto Princesa City – At the onset of the barangay elections in October, the Palawan-based Armed Forces chief is on a three-day visit to Marine troops deployed in the southern island municipalities of the province on Monday. 

Lt. Gen. Rustico O. Guerrero, chief of the Western Command (Wescom), is set to talk about the importance of duty, in his talk-to-men mission in Bataraza and Balabac, with a side trip courtesy calls to the local chief executives from August 26 to 28.


The visit, made after recent apprehensions of illegal activities, Lt. Gen. Guerrero will address troops in the Marine detachments there. Speaking in the southern town of Bataraza, Lt. Gen. Guerrero said the emphasis will be in southern Palawan in general, where militants have alleged presence, and some individuals engage in illegal activities. 

“In connection with the forthcoming barangay elections on October this year, we intend to visit the local chief executives in Bataraza and Balabac to include Mangsee and personally visit the troops, with a talk to men mission, and boodle fight with troops. Also we will be there to assess the area,” Lt. Gen Guerrero said. ––END 

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