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30 Years After Airport murder, WESCOM Honors Ninoy Aquino

Published: Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Camp Gen. Artemio Ricarte, Puerto Princesa City – Soldiers of the Western Command (Wescom) in Palawan are urged to reflect on the death of Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. as the whole country commemorates his assassination on August 21. 


Wescom chief Lt. Gen. Rustico O. Guerrero asked Wednesday the men and women of the unified command to remember how the death of Ninoy has opened the freedom and democracy of the Philippines, referring to the dictatorship of then President Ferdinand Marcos who placed the country under martial law in 1972.

“Let us not abuse (our freedom). Let us not put aside and break the hearts of those who worked hard for it,” Lt. Gen. Guerrero said.

Ninoy Aquino Day is annually commemorated nationwide. Ninoy is a staunch critic of Marcos and was consequently imprisoned during the martial law.

While in house arrest in 1980, he suffered a heart attack and was allowed to move to United States to receive medical treatment.

He returned to the Philippines in August 21, 1983 to challenge Marcos in the 1984 elections but he was shot to death right after he landed in Manila International Airport.

The incident led to the downfall of the Marcos regime, while Ninoy’s wife, Corazon, became the president. ––END 

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