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Wescom ensures security for Palawan elections

Published: Wednesday, 22 May 2013
CAMP GENERAL ARTEMIO RICARTE, Puerto Princesa City (May 6, 2013) -- With a week to go before the elections, the Palawan-based Armed Forces was placed on “red alert” on Monday to ensure a peaceful and orderly elections. The raising of the alert have cancelled all leaves and furloughs of the Western Command personnel and required soldiers and civilian employees to be on their posts at all times.
MGEN RUSTICO O GUERRERO AFP, commander of the Western Command, said Marine troops have been dispatched to most of the 23 towns of Palawan, including those in several island municipalities.
“The presence of our troops in the localities up to the farthest islands will give the residents an environment free of fear and intimidation that will allow them to exercise their sacred right to vote," MGen Guerrero said.
Over the past weeks, New People’s Army (NPA) rebels have made their presence felt in the province by raiding a pearl farm owned by President’s uncle, business tycoon Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco in Taytay town.
On Wednesday, the Rio Tubba Nickel Mining Corporations was rocked by twin blasts inside its compound in Bataraza  town. Military and police probers are still conducting an investigation into the blast.
The Wescom and the local police, as deputized by the Commission on Elections (Comelec), are under orders to secure all units of the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines that have been delivered to the province.
Guerrero said that the troops are under orders to closely monitor all campaign rallies prior to the termination of the campaign period on May 11, while assuring that the troops are barred from directly engaging in any partisan political activity.
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