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PMA cadets visit Puerto Princesa City

Published: Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Camp General Artemio Ricarte, Puerto Princesa City (April 30) – Ninety six cadets of the Philippine Military Academy class 2016 performed silent drills at the Ramon V. Mitra Sports Complex in Sta. Monica Heights, Puerto Princesa City this morning.

 According to Maj. Oliver Bañaria PAF, group commander of the 6th Civil Relations Group, the silent drill is part of the three-day itinerary for the Palawan leg of their southern cruise.


 Bañaria said rarely does one see PMA cadets perform silent drills in Puerto Princesa City since majority of their time are spent at the academy in Baguio City.  Luckily, people will be treated to this “one in a blue moon event,” and hopefully be inspired to join the cause to become a public servant of the country, Bañaria added.

 He said this is one of the PMA’s goals in coming to Puerto Princesa City, to encourage people to be part of the organization. Aside from the drills, they are also scheduled to meet with other operational-control units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Palawan, like the Western Command, the Naval Forces West, the 570th Composite Tactical Wing and with local government units.

 The cadets will be staying in the city to spend time with foster parents here, and will head back home on May 2.

 Wescom commander Maj. Gen. Rustico O. Guerroro, for his part, is very delighted that the cadets have personally visited Palawan.

 “This is a great opportunity not only for Palaweños but also for the cadets, as well. They will gain a lot from this experience and at the same time filling memories of their young careers, knowing that they are able to perform to the citizens of Puerto Princesa,” Guerrero said.


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