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Bemedaled U7 chief relinquishes post

Published: Wednesday, 22 May 2013

OUTGOING U7 head Marine Lt. Col. Juan Ismael T. Villadolid was in the last three years a straightforward, no-nonsense chief of the Civil Military Operations of the Western Command.

 As U7 from 2010 up to April 4, 2013, Villadolid had directed more than a thousand civil-military action operations in his area of responsibility.

 Villadolid said the bulk of this missions comprised 'civac' at the height of the anti-insurgency campaign, implementing IPSP Bayanihan of the national government.

 "Understanding and applying CMO IPSP is not easy. It is a work in progress that requires everybody’s support. Hindi baleng makulit, ang mahalaga, focused at aligned pa rin tayo sa overall strategy. And most importantly, we are relevant and responsive to the needs of the target audience as manifested by higher headquarters’ appreciation of our efforts here in Palawan,” Villadolid said in his remarks.

 In his speech at the turnover rites, Wescom Deputy Commander Brig. Gen. Elmer R. Amon AFP cited Villadolid's strategy of combining 'diplomatic, informational, military, economic, and socio political initiatives' in Palawan through partnerships with key local leaders.


 The strategy resulted "in a shared concept of security that brings a quick and encompassing and coordinated response in the emerging security situation in Palawan," Amon said.

 Asked how he would sustain the CMO momentum, Villadolid said: "We are not lost, we are not confused and so therefore we must be firm and courageous in sustaining our CMO momentum. All of these efforts na napapansin na ng taas and at the same time sincerely appreciated by our stakeholders and counterparts in the civilian government will not be possible without the support of our backbone."

 Villadolid cited the U7 backbone as the Camp General Artemio Ricarte Station Hospital (CGARSH), 1308th Dental Dispensary, 6th Civil Relations Group (6CRG), the staff and the special staff of Wescom and subordinate units. 

Employing CMO to address the nagging roots of conflict through stakeholders coordination seem impossible and unbelievable in the military service before, Villadolid said.

 “But IPSP forced us all to act against this belief. Not because there is nothing else better to do and we do not know of anything better to do – to borrow Clausewitz’ words – but because employing purposive and focused CMO is always reasonable to attain success.

 This could well be the first test to Villadolid’s successor, Army Maj. Emmanuel A. Canilla, who assumed the post as U7.

 Canilla who is the deputy U7, was already assigned as opcon unit of Wescom in 2010, group commander of the 6CRG. 

 Canilla said he would work with the stakeholders in Palawan, known as the country's last frontier for its rich wildlife and natural resources, to maintain its security and peace and development objectives.

 Amon presented Villadolid with the latter'scollection of medals earned from his exploits in the civil military operations. 

 Aside from the U7 turnover, Amon also presided over the turnover rites of U2, with Marine Maj. Clifford Nicanor P. Basco replacing Marine Lt. Col. Hernani S. Songano as head of Wescom’s intelligence operations.



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