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Statement on US Embassy's Travel Advisory on Palawan

Published: Tuesday, 09 May 2017

Western Command understands the concern and responsibility of the US government on their citizens' welfare, and for such issued a warning on possible terrorists activities in Palawan. We share the same concern that is why Western Command remains on heightened alert. However, we maintain that Palawan, being one of the most beautiful places in the world, is safe for both local and foreign nationals, residing in and/or visiting the province, including Puerto Princesa.

All our units and assets are being utilized to ensure maximum security. WESCOM and PNP are in close coordination in enforcing law and order, and in suppresing lawless violent activities. Moreover, the people of Palawan are with us in remaining vigilant in their areas, and in coordinating with us on relevant information vital to public safety.

We are all doing our very best, together with other agencies, in denying any terrorist groups entry and access in the high seas and coastal areas. We have strategic check points and stationed troops in vital tourists destinations and other public venues

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