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Published: Thursday, 18 May 2017

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY -- Palawan remains on full alert as more interagency security fora and stakeholders engagements on anti-terrorist efforts were undertaken this week to ensure that the province remains safe for local residents and visitors.

As of press time, the Provincial and City Tourism Offices confirmed insignificant decline in tourists booking. Security Forces, on the other hand, continue to conduct joint random checkpoints and increased visibility on strategic locations; seaborne patrols, air patrols, mobile patrols, foot patrols, and patrols in inland waterways and rivers and mangrove in the areas of operation.

Interagency security meetings were held in Coron which were attended by Municipal Mayor, uniformed personnel and other stakeholders.

Tourism industry has not been much affected in Coron. Accordingly, the minimal decline of tourists is expected due to the end of the tourists season. Nevertheless, joint security forces in the area continue conducting clearing operations and mobile patrols, as well as maritime security patrol in inland waters, coastline, various resorts, and other possible landing sites and isolated areas in Coron and Busuanga. Same engagements and security patrols are also being undertaken in El Nido, Linapacan and other areas in the east coast pf Palawan.

Stakeholders engagement with resort owners in Honda Bay was also held, while the Yatch Club and transport group were also given situation update and briefing. Another Security Forum was held in Astoria Hotel which was attended by various agencies. Moreover, the Southern Palawan Security Forum was also held on 16 May at Club House, Town Site, Brgy Rio Tuba, Bataraza. It was attended by the Municipal Mayors of Narra, Bataraza, Sofronio Española and Rio Tuba, security forces, business sectors and other stakeholders.

With the sustained, coordinated and synchronized interagency courses of actions in Palawan, the Province remains safe and secure.


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